Can My Child Go To Day-care or School If He Has Scabies

scabies treatment for school childrenChildren are the most vulnerable people around. So, it is always best to give your children proper rest and debar him or her from going to the school or day-care unless s/he is fully treated for scabies.  

One of the worst skin diseases around which spreads from one person to another in a blink is scabies. The mites enter the epidermal layer of the skin and lays eggs in no time.

While it is really difficult to prevent the flow of this disease, it is the contagious nature of the disease that makes it even more dangerous. However, this danger takes on a whole new level when it is the children that are affected—neither you can let him/her stay put at home nor you can take the chance of letting him mingle more with the other kids.

When a child has scabies

Scabies isn’t spread by lack of hygiene or by any pets. It is a mite-borne disease which generally spreads from one person to another and advances quite rapidly. And, since kids are the most vulnerable of all, they tend to get infected faster than the rest. So, in case there’s a child in your kids’ playgroup or school who’s infected by scabies, refrain from sending your child there. And, if it’s your child who’s infected, make it a point to let him rest at home.

Take all necessary measures

Scabies in children tends to show noticeable signs after 3-4 weeks of getting infected and the first symptoms are itchy skin. Be careful if you see your children’s body showing up blisters and red itchy blocks especially on areas around the wrist, nipples, genital region, neck, hands, elbows and other hairless parts of the body. However, if the kid is less than 2 years old, the symptoms may show up anywhere. In case, you find such symptoms, see a doctor immediately and stop sending your child to school. Also, let the school staff know about this so that other children may take proper measures against it.

Prevention if the first step

Make sure all your child’s belongings are washed and secured properly. If there are other children at your home, make sure you don’t allow them mingle with the affected person. And, if this is difficult (as in most cases it is indeed difficult to separate kids), then treat those children too, even if they are showing no symptoms of itching. After all, prevention is better than cure.

In case of children, don’t try all the herbal measures of treatment. Only those with no side effects must be tried because the children may not be able to report any uncanny behaviour of their skin.

If there’s an examination or any presentation around the corner, make sure you contact the school authorities beforehand. Either they should make separate arrangements for the child or the exam must be postponed.

Dr. Scabies is a stable in many homes in the US and Canada before scabies is the kind of infection that can come around any time and when it does, you’d wish you were prepared! 


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."