How to Treat Furniture & My Dwelling to Be Scabies-Free?

As furniture and dwellings occupy maximum space at homes, they do become the perfect grounds for breeding scabies mites. Any family member sharing furniture with an infected person is highly susceptible to contracting it.

Therefore, you need to treat all furniture and dwelling at home to rid them of any scabies mites they may have retained on them.

Mentioning below are ways in which you can treat your furniture:

For wooden furniture

For furniture like bed, sofa and chair, just vinylize everything. From pillows to cushions and from bed sheets to sofa covers, you will have to cover everything. In case you don’t find vinyl covers, use plastic sheets or regularly wash furniture with alcohol (but this may bleed the color of your furnishings).

For other dwelling

Your shoe rack is a hot breeding ground for scabies mites. You should disinfect it every day with the help of strong disinfecting sprays available in the market.

For upholstery, curtains and covering, you need to wash them in hot water with a cup of borax. After washing, let the clothing dry in scorching heat outside.

When You Have Scabies

When you are infected, do not ignore the problem at all. No matter how light the infestation may appear at first, it does get severe in no time if you don’t get yourself treated. There’re readily available over the counter treatments such as Dr Scabies that can be used to overpower the mites in just few days. The treatment should be continued for several weeks at a stretch to ensure complete eradication.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."