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Coming in personal contact primarily spreads Scabies with an infected person. But the first symptoms of the infection appear only after 4 to 6 weeks. Red bumps on your arms would not immediately point to a Scabies infection.

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1. The Symptoms

The first symptoms of Scabies do not appear immediately after contracting the infection. Imagine a scenario where you might be playing with a small child or with friends and on returning home notice bumps on your arms, then in all probability it’s not Scabies.

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Pathophysiology is helping doctors’ worldwide for treating victims displaying symptoms of scabies. Timely detection and the right treatment are essential for the eradication of mites form the human body.

Let’s read more about Pathophysiology and its role in curing Scabies - 1. The Pathogenesis

The Human Scabies is caused by mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. The mites are 0.4mm to 0.3mm long and the male mites are half this size. The body is transparent and the mouth and the legs are brown.

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Scabies is often called the seven year old itch, as this skin infection keeps coming back. The treatment chosen should ensure that the chances of re-infestation are minimized to zero. The important thing to remember is to keep calm and be patient.

Keep in mind the following five steps in order to get rid of Scabies –

1. Proper Identification Of The Infection

The Scabies rash might be mistaken for a skin allergy or insect bite and the delay in proper treatment might cause bigger problems in the future. The doctor might take skin scrapings in... more

Once a family member gets infected, there is every possibility that the entire household will catch the infection sooner or later. Some people find the pain and the itching unbearable and get depressed very easily. Once the Scabies infection is confirmed, it is important to handle it in a systematic manner.

It is important that the entire family thinks over the steps that ought to be taken in order to get rid of the mites at the earliest.

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Treatment for the Furniture

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Scabies is one of the commonest types of skin disorders among children and adults alike. However, more than often when a person is treating someone from scabies, the attention is generally paid to proper medication and other precautionary agents.

However, according to the doctors, one must as well pay attention to those specific environments which facilitate the spread of this disease, and henceforth, curb the patient from venturing into those places lest the disease might spread.

Here is a list of the places which are regarded as commonest breading grounds... more

Contrary to popular belief, Animals do not spread human Scabies. But they can spread animal Scabies if the human comes in close contact with them.

Sarcoptic mange is the scientific name of Animal Scabies. It can be easily be passed on from dogs and cats to humans.

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1. How Is Animal Scabies Transmitted?

When a human comes in close contact with a dog affected by Animal Scabies, the former can get infected by this parasite.

A rash will be seen on the skin of the human, followed by mild itching sensations. It... more

It is important to wash all clothes, towels and bedding in scalding water to ensure complete eradication of mites. The washing cycle should be followed by a super hot dry setting to close the chapter forever.

The Scabies mites can only survive for about 48 to 72 hours once they are outside the body of the host. All items that cannot be washed should be vacuumed at the earliest.

Once the cleaning is complete, it is important to throw out the vacuum bag and clean the vacuum with a rug dipped in water and bleach without any delay.  A mixture of water and bleach can also be used... more

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."

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