Why scabies can become immune to permethrin?

Dr Scabies kills scabies naturallyOver a period of time, scabies mites have become resistant to treatments that make use of pesticides such as Permethrin. Read on to learn why and how scabies can become immune to Permethrin.

If you surf the Internet and read stories of people infected with scabies, you will almost certainly come across stories that narrate just how people have got mites that just refuse to go!

Generally, there are two sets of people – the first one is a group of people who were luckily cured by Permethrin based cream and second one is an ‘unlucky’ group that just failed to achieve any satisfactory results despite having applied the cream for weeks at a stretch. Clearly, something must be wrong! After all, a chemical so powerful that it can damage your skin and result in various side effects should have been able to kill scabies! What’s wrong?

Just because it works on the insects in the fields, a bunch of companies’ decided to introduce it to humans too. There are unconfirmed reports from various sources validating the theory that scabies mites are becoming immune to Permethrin.

But there are critical questions that need to be asked today -

  • Does permethrin even work?
  • Does permethrin work partially?
  • Why does it work for some and not for others?

What does it do?

Permethrin is a neurotoxin that paralyses the mites and repeated uses eventually kills the mites, by breaking their life cycle. That is precisely how Permethrin works.

But it is now being seen that the mites have developed a resistance to the drug, due to their prolonged exposure to it. All microorganisms do that. Have you not been told by a doctor to avoid using antibiotics as often as you can? That piece of advice is given because bacteria in our bodies start developing resistance to chemicals. Scabies mites are no different.

There have been cases documented in countries like Australia too, where patients reported ineffectiveness of the drug against the mites. Another reason for the failure of this drug is its persistent use for a long period of time. This is specially seen in patients who develop the crusted mites. Prolonged use of permethrin is most ineffective in them.

Another physiological fact that supports this ineffectiveness theory is the fact that lots of patients reported that the drug was able to deliver results on the first occasion only. So if you get infected a second time, all your attempts to drive away the mites with Permethrin may prove futile.

They will be more resistant and more eager to burrow the next time they get a chance!

What is the best alternative treatment for scabies?

If you are convinced that Permethrin isn’t the right treatment for you, it is only natural that you’d want a better solution. After all, you cannot just sit back and wait for these little creatures to stop bothering you. They won’t. They never do.

Use Dr. Scabies, an all natural scabies treatment regime that involves no side effects. It works quickly and rest assured, mites won’t develop resistance to it.

Dr Scabies best natural Scabies treatment


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."